Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has been pioneering in the development of Marine Autonomous Systems for nearly 20 years now, developing platforms and technology that have collected data from the most challenging environments, transforming our understanding of the ocean.  Our world-leading thinking has also been shared with companies operating in this sector, and we continue to build an impressive portfolio of collaborative projects with industry partners that will develop the next generation of marine autonomy going forward.  

The Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase (MATS) was created by NOC as an exciting way to showcase the world-leading platform and sensor developments across the sector engaging many stakeholder groups from both the private and public sector, all united around the benefits that can be achieved from development and use of marine autonomy for ocean observation. 

MATS is an annual event encouraging an international audience of presenters and attendees with the aim of showcasing the progress on the past five years and launching plans for the coming five years.



Marine Autonomy and Technology Showcase 2024

MATS 2024 Celebrates our 10th Anniversary Showcase. 05-07 November 2024

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