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Current Conferences

Net Zero Oceanographic Capability

The 21st Century Marine Scientist: delivering science in a net zero world Workshop 1

Wednesday 27 January 2021 


Ocean Business 2021 

6 - 8 July 2021 

Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase 2021

9 -11 November 2021

Event Archive 

Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase Virtual MATS 2020

Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase MATS November 2019

UK Glider Community Workshop November 2019

NOC Open Day  8 June 2019

The Ocean Tide and Port of Liverpool Conference 2019 

Ocean Business 2019  9 - 11 April 2019

Ringo Annual Science Meeting March 2019

Industry/Science Observing Forum March 2019

ICOS Symposium on the North Atlantic Carbon Cycle March 2019

Intergrated Carbon Observing System Marine Monitoring Station Assembly March 2019

From HMS Challenger to Argo and Beyond  November 2018

Marine Autonomy & Technology Showcase MATS November 2018

Annual UK Sea Ice Group Meeting, NOC Southampton 2018

Ocean Remote Sensing Special Interest Group
Challenger Society for Marine Science 2018

1st International Workshop on Waves, Storm Surges and Coastal Hazards Liverpool 2017

Irminger Sea Regional Science Workshop 2017 

Microfluidics for Analytical Chemistry Conference 2018

NOC Business Breakfast Club Meeting spring 2018

National Partnership for Ocean Prediction (NPOP) Workshop 2018 

GNSS-R Workshop 2018

UKRO Conference 2018, National Oceanography Centre  2018

Sea Level Futures Conference Liverpool 2018

The Year of Autonomy January – December 2017 & 2018

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