Strengthening NOCs contribution to global coastal and shelf sea science


Strengthening NOC's contribution to global coastal

and shelf sea science 

10:00-15:00 Thursday 28 January 2021 

Registration is now open for the NOC's first Coastal and Shelf Sea Theme workshop. 

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The aim of this workshop is to help prioritise how NOC will strengthen and expand its portfolio of innovative coastal and shelf sea science over the coming years. We’ll be asking ourselves a range of questions, for example: 


  • Who are our stakeholders and in what new ways can we engage with them? 

  • Where are the opportunities for solution focused research where we can add value and increase impact?  

  • By what means might we be able to stimulate new funding opportunities? 

  • Are there any internal and/or external partnerships that need building or strengthening in the future? Does NOC have gaps in expertise that need filling?

Access to the science strategy documentation 

The strategy documentation is currently being developed, and the outcomes of this and any subsequent workshops will feed into it. The draft version is available here.  

The workshop

The workshop will be run over two interactive Zoom sessions where we will make use of breakout rooms and virtual pinboards. We welcome participation from everyone within DST and MARS and particularly encourage early career researchers to sign up.  

The relevant outcomes from the workshop will be incorporated into the Coastal and Shelf Sea strategy document and will be presented to NOCs Science and Technology Strategy Committee.  

To help us run the workshop smoothly and ensure that all participants are sent briefing instructions please click here to register. 



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