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Sea Level Futures Poster Sessions

Tuesday 3 July 2018 AM Session


Atrium & G Flex Space Teaching HUB

Anna Hogg

Global Sea Level Budget and Ocean Mass Budget Assessment: Preliminary Results From ESA's CCI Sea Level Budget Closure Project

David Cotton

Application of satellite altimetry as a tool for managing coastal risk in Mozambique, Madagascar and South Africa

Fabio Mangini

Impact of the large-scale atmospheric circulation on the sea level variability over the Northern European continental shelf

Felipe Hernández-Maguey

Sea level impact of the Northers in the Mexican Pacific

Ivica Vilibic

High-frequency sea level oscillations: relevance, predictability, climate and projections

Joanne Williams

Storm surge forecasting procedures: errors arising from the double-counting of radiational tides.

Leon Jänicke

Assessing 20th century tidal range changes in the North Sea

Luke Jackson

The impact of ice sheet interdependence upon probabilistic projections of sea-level change.


Subsidence of the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta induced by sediment loading

Michela De Dominicis

Modelling the impacts of climate change and tidal stream energy extraction in a shelf sea.

Phil Knight

Tidal Level Measurements for Coastal Resilience and Survey

Philip L. Woodworth

Sea Level Change in Great Britain between 1859 and the Present


Tuesday 3 July 2018 PM Session


Atrium & G Flex Space Teaching HUB

Caitlin Nagle

Late Holocene Sea-level change in the Dysynni Valley, Wales

Cléa Denamiel

The AdriSC modelling suite: operational and research modes in reproducing meteotsunamis

Clousa Maueua

Sea Level Variability in Pemba, North of Mozambique

Ferret Yann

Historical sea level data rescue to assess long-term sea level evolution. Example of Saint-Nazaire (France)

Jenny Brown

WireWall – a new approach to measure coastal wave hazard


Sea Level Variability on Interannual, Decadal  and Longer Time Scales along the Tropical Atlantic

Marco Olivieri

Sea-level rise along the Emilia-Romagna coast (Northern Italy) in 2100: scenarios and impacts

Matias G Boll

Sea Level Monitoring in the South Atlantic Coast: Preliminary results for 3 tide gauges operating for 817 days in South Brazil

Phil Woodworth

The tidal measurements of James Cook during the voyage of the Endeavour

Svetlana Jevrejeva

Changes in global extreme sea levels by 2100

Tabea Brodhagen

Influence of sea level rise on highest water levels during storm surges in the Ems estuary

Thomas Dhoop

Regional variability in the relative importance of surge and wave forecasting around the English coastline


Wednesday 4 July 2018 AM Session


Atrium & G Flex Space Teaching HUB

Andy Matthews

Making sea level data FAIR

Angela Hibbert

Tailoring Tide Gauge Technology to Developing Economies

Benjamín Colón Rodríguez

Exploring broad usage of Sea-Level data provided by the Puerto Rico Seismic Network as a Natural Laboratory

Jan Even Øie Nilsen

The effect of decadal variability on the extreme sea levels on the west coast of Norway

Jessica Kelln

Assembling historical tide gauge records to a novel Baltic mean sea level data base

Katarzyna Pajak

Investigation of the dynamic sea level changes in the Polish coastal zone

Leigh Richard MacPherson

A stochastic storm surge model for the German Baltic Sea coast

Lucy Bricheno

Changes in wave contibution to total sea-level in response to high-end climate scenarios.

María Elena Osorio-Tai


Matthew Couldrey

Drivers of the sea level response to common flux perturbations

Paola Picco

Tsunami-like occurrence detection and characterization: a comparison between time-frequency analysis methods

Peter Hogarth

Improving our understanding of sea level rise, acceleration and variability.  Finding and assimilating new old data.


Wednesday 4 July 2018 PM Session


Atrium & G Flex Space Teaching HUB

Andrew J. Plater

Tectonic influences on late Holocene relative sea levels from the central-eastern Adriatic coast of Croatia

Andrew Shaw

Improving the Validation Technique for Coastal Sea Level Rates from Tide Gauge and Satellite Altimetry Observations

Bernardino Nhantumbo

Drivers and trends of coastal sea level variability along the east and south of South Africa

Charlotte Lyddon

Flood hazard assessment for a hyper-tidal estuary and river as a function of tide-surge-morphology interaction

Eleanor O'Rourke

Developing the Irish National Tide Gauge Network for 21st Century Challenges


Characterization and prediction of seiches in small-scale harbours

Jian Su

Extreme sea level in the Danish coastal area as part of a new national climate service

Luciana Fenoglio

Coastal Sea Level Rise and Land Vertical Motion

Melisa Menendez

Can the coastal return sea levels be estimated when there is no local information?

Sam Royston

Variability in sea-level trends from open ocean to the coast: An Australian case-study

Xiaorong Li

Survival of coastal wetland under rising water levels

Ying Qu

Sea-level rise and variability in China

Youngmi Kim

Future Sea Level Projections over the Seas around Korea peninsular