NZOC The 21st Century Marine Technologist: autonomy and sensors for a net zero world

Net Zero Oceanographic Capability

The 21st Century Technologist: autonomy and sensors for a net zero world - Workshop 4

 18 March 2021



Marine observation and operations are changing.  The development of new sensing techniques, increased use of marine autonomous systems and improved communication and autonomy capabilities are revolutionising data collection and operations in the maritime domain.  The technology capabilities have increased to a point where adoption of new approaches is starting to ramp up rapidly.  This change is being driven by economics, the desire to move dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs onto autonomous systems and a focus on low to zero carbon operations. These tools will start to displace traditional methods of data collection and by 2035 the marine operations landscape will be radically changed and will be more automated and integrated than it is now.

This workshop intends to explore the impacts and likely form of this automated future, by:


  • Reviewing the state of the art and developing technology trends in sensors, marine autonomous systems, subsystem developments, and autonomy & communications.
  • Exploring different concepts of operation which can be enabled by these new technologies and how these can deliver the operational requirement more effectively compared to more traditional methods.
  • And identifying what cannot be achieved by these new technologies, and how the negative impacts of these changes can be mitigated.

This is a fascinating area to explore and we invite you to join Dr Maaten Furlong, Professor Sara Bernardini, Professor Matt Mowlem, and Dr James Fishwick to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the coming revolutionary change in marine observing systems.


Please note that registration does not guarantee a place, and the workshop leads will review all applications to promote diversity and a balance of interests. All registered delegates will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by 10/03/2021. For those who cannot attend, the NZOC team will make the plenary sessions available online with the opportunity to submit written feedback.


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