NOC Grow a MO for Movember Challenge

1 - 30 November 2020 

Join the team and grow a Mo. It is simple!

The Rules 

  1. Once registered each Mo Bro or Mo Sister must begin on 1 November with a clean shaven face, take a picture and submit it to the events team
  2. For the entire month of Movember Mo Bro or Mo Sister must grow and groom a moustache
  3. Don't fake it , no beards, no goatees and no fake moustaches.
  4. Use the power of the moustache to create conversation and raise funds for men's health
  5. Each Mo Bro and Mo Sister must conduct themself as true gentle men and ladies.
  6. At the end of November you must submit a clear portrait of your MO to be entered into the MO 2020 gallery.

How it Works 

Sign up to the NOC Challenges and Fund raising pages using the links below:

To register to join the NOC Grow a Mo for Movember Challenge click here 

NOC has a Mo Bros and Mo Sisters fund raising team page, to join this Click Here 

Each week send a picture of your MO to  with your name and challenge category you are growing for.

The Ships have been challenged by the Organisng team and Leigh Storey to compete against each other for the best "Boaty Mo". This can be an individual representing a ship or a team effort. Send us in a weekly progress picture with your name and the ship you are representing.

Challenge categories include:

  • Best Bro Mo
  • Best Sister Mo
  • Most Creative Mo
  • Best Mo Growth
  • Best Attempt at growing a MO
  • Best “Boaty Mo” Ships Challenge

At the end of the month all final entry pictures will be judged and winners announced.

Suggested Styles

Below are a few suggestions of styles you may wish to adopt, however we all know NOC is an innovative organisation and we encourage creativity and individuality so why not create your own style! 


Progress Gallery


NOC has a Mo Bros and Sisters fund raising team, to join this Click Here  



For further information email

National Oceanography Centre

European Way, Southampton/ SO14 3ZH