Net Zero Oceanographic Capability WS1

Net Zero Oceanographic Capability

The 21st Century Marine Scientist: delivering science in a net zero world Workshop 1

Wednesday 27 January 2021 

Our oceans are crucial in regulating global climate and are essential to life on Earth. Multiple and cumulative stressors are impacting the marine environment, including pollution, acidification, extraction of natural resources, extreme weather and climate change. Scientific understanding of the current and projected marine systems, and their sensitivity to these stressors, is going to be essential in order to manage the oceans, and achieve sustainability goals at local, regional and global scales. However, these systems are complex, with a large number of interacting physical, chemical, biological and sociological components, and function over a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. New technologies and infrastructure are going to be increasingly important to address these challenges, together with multi-disciplinary and international approaches and co-production with stakeholders. This virtual workshop seeks to capture a diverse range of stakeholder opinion, offering the opportunity to discuss the multiple science drivers that will help to shape future UK oceanographic research directions and infrastructure investment over the next 15 years. We will discuss how investment decisions may also be shaped in turn by the need for sustainability and a low carbon footprint.


Please note that registration does not guarantee a place, and the workshop leads will review all applications to promote diversity and a balance of interests. For those who cannot attend, the NZOC team will be making the plenary sessions available online and offering all stakeholders who have registered an interest the opportunity to contribute to the conclusions in on an online forum.

Registration now closed.

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