Net Zero Oceanographic Capability w2

Net Zero Oceanographic Capability

Policy drivers and enablers for a UK Net Zero Oceanographic Capability Workshop 2


Thursday 18 February 2021




Given the serious and far reaching effects of climate change on the ocean, it is important that those involved on ocean science and policy minimise the climate impacts generated by oceanographic research. To address this challenge, NERC has commissioned a scoping study to inform planning for a future low carbon oceanographic research capability. The Net Zero Oceanographic Capability (NZOC) project brings together a team of national experts under the leadership of the National Oceanography Centre’s National Marine Facilities Division to investigate the drivers and enablers of future oceanographic research and identify options for achieving a net-zero oceanographic capability by 2040. 


The project team recognises that the evidence needed to underpin existing and future ocean policy will contribute to the research agenda of any future oceanographic capability and that the regulatory frameworks surrounding ocean research will influence the location and types of operations that can be undertaken as well as the choice of vehicle(s) or vessel(s) that will make up the future ‘capability’ and how it might be powered.  This virtual workshop will capture stakeholder opinion on:


  1. How the UK’s current and future ocean policy and international commitments could influence the net-zero oceanographic capability;
  2. How current and future the legal and regulatory frameworks could influence the net-zero oceanographic capability.


We therefore invite you to join Professor Steve Fletcher (Professor of Ocean Policy and Economy at the University of Portsmouth), Kara Chadwick (Royal Navy Legal Adviser) and Roland Rogers (Emeritus Fellow NOC) for what promises to be a fascinating discussion.


Please note that registration does not guarantee a place, and the workshop leads will review all applications to promote diversity and a balance of opinion. For those who cannot attend, the NZOC team will be making the plenary sessions available online and offering all stakeholders who have registered an interest the opportunity to contribute to the conclusions in on an online forum. 


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