MATS 2019 Conference Themes


The Themes for 2019 are as follows:

During MATS 2019, our aim is to explore the information needs of users of Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS), review the current technologies available to enable the data gathering for MAS users and explore the methods of taking that data and making it exploitable information for the user need. Presentations must focus on work undertaken in the 12 months since MATS 2018 or be a forward look into the next 5 years.

  • Theme 1: Users & Applications;Peter Collinson - BP - Session Chair 

Through this theme, we are seeking presentations from Scientific, Industry, Government and Defence end-users of marine technologies. Presentations should focus on current and aspirational (within the next 5 years) application of MAS, highlighting what the user requirement is . Presentations that set stretching challenges, outlining those challenges, for aspirational applications will be scored highly.


  • Theme 2: Planning & Control Ben Pritchard – Thales - Session Chair 

Operation of MAS in the environment is just part of the mission and the work to enable it happens outside of the operational element. This these is seeking presentations that support the planning and control of MAS, presentations can include but not limited to: the use of Synthetic Environments, Mathematical Modelling, Simulation, Risk and Reliability Management, Command and Control , Remote Operations, Monitoring, Regulation and Legal.

  • Theme 3: The Vehicle -  Dr Alex Phillips – NOC - Session Chair  

Through this theme, we are seeking presentations that focus on vehicles, and making vehicles smarter and new and novel vehicles, including a forward look to future vehicle technologies. Presentations are sought that include, but are not limited

to: Navigation, Networking, Collaboration and Cooperation, Residency, launch and recovery, Novel vehicles. Presentations should demonstrate how MAS deliver improved performance through real examples of in field operation


  • Theme 4: Data collectionProf. Matt Mowlem – NOC - Session Chair 

Sensing technologies are the eyes, ears, nose and touch of the Marine Autonomous System. This theme will focus on those technologies that enable MAS to collect data for the end-user, through imagery, physical sampling or chemical and biological detection. Presentations should provide real examples of field collected data as well as look to the future of data collection. We are also seeking presentations that cover interaction with the environment and infrastructure.

  • Theme 5: Generating Information from DataDr Eleanor Frajka Williams – NOC - Session Chair 

Generating information that meets end-user needs from the data collected by MAS is the ultimate goal of deploying the system. This theme will explore novel methods of generating information products from MAS gathered data. Presentations should explore (but not be limited to) the utility of Machine Learning and AI, Data Processing, GUIs, augmented realities. Examples of real world information use should be explored