Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems Annual Meeting (CAMPUS & AlterEco)

Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems Annual Meeting (CAMPUS & AlterEco)

Jury's Inn, 31 Keel Wharf, Liverpool, L3 4FN

01 - 02 April 2020

This two-day meeting will bring together researchers and stakeholders involved in the Marine Integrated Autonomous Observing Systems research programme that is co-funded by NERC, Defra and WWF-UK.


The two parallel projects, CAMPUS and AlterEco are addressing the scientific and technical challenges of using new technologies to deliver a more efficient and integrated next-generation UK marine observing programme, capable of meeting science and policy data requirements now and into the future. The overarching objective is to accelerate the use of autonomous measurements and combined observational-model outputs in meeting long-term science need and statutory policy requirements.


On Wednesday 1stApril AlterEco and CAMPUS will hold their Annual Science Meetings. On Thursday 2ndApril the two projects and their stakeholders will come together to discuss their emerging results, identify new collaborations and routes to achieving maximum impact. A workshop dinner for all participants will be held on Wednesday 1stApril. Throughout the two days there will be ample opportunity for cross-project discussions, both formally and informally. 


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