Irminger Sea Regional Science Workshop

November 8-9, 2017

National Oceanography Centre,  Southampton, U.K.



Workshop Foci:

  • Summaries of present and planned observational, empirical, theoretical, and model-based efforts focused on the physics and biogeochemistry of the Irminger Sea region
  • Presentation of results from recent observational campaigns
  • Identification of key questions and hypotheses related to the physics and biogeochemisty of the region
  • Discussion of sampling strategies to address those questions, including coordination of present, planned and new observational efforts
  • Plans for collaborative analyses and publications
  • Data sharing in support of coordination and collaboration
  • Key overview talks, posters, and breakout sessions will be used to stimulate discussion and interactions. 
  • Attendance will be through invitation.

Workshop Report / Summary

To view a post workshop report / summary please click here 

Workshop Steering Committee: 

Robert Weller (WHOI), Susan Lozier (Duke), Johannes Karstensen (GEOMAR), Emmanuel Boss (U. Maine) Penny Holliday (NOC), Femke de Jong (NIOZ), Susan Banahan (COL), Kendra Daly (U. South Florida)