Industry/ Science Observing Forum

Industry/Science Observing Forum


Tuesday 19th March 2019


6pm-8pm (registration open from 17:30hrs)


National Oceanography Centre, Southampton


NOC is delighted to be hosting the inaugural ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre Industry/ Science Observing Forum focused on bringing together the shipping industry and the science community to explore ways in which we can work together to understand global environmental change.


The ocean takes up about 2.5GT C yr-1, approximately 25% of the carbon released by human processes such as fossil fuel combustion and land use change. However this net uptake represents the small difference between two large fluxes, meaning that resolving it requires  large amounts of data. Realistically only the commercial shipping industry has the capacity to support the necessary observing effort and as a consequence our efforts to measure these fluxes continuously are dependent on observing systems hosted by commercial vessels.


This drinks reception will bring together existing industry partners, potential new partners and the science community to celebrate ongoing successes, thank vessel operators and provide opportunity for future partnerships to evolve. Attendance is open to anyone with an interest in sea surface observing from commercial vessels.

Registration is now closed.