ICOS Symposium on the North Atlantic Carbon Cycle

ICOS Symposium on the North Atlantic Carbon Cycle 


Tuesday 19th March 2019




National Oceanography Centre, Southampton



NOC is delighted to be hosting a one day symposium on the North Atlantic and associated marginal seas Carbon cycle.

These systems play pivotal roles in the global carbon cycle due to their very active solubility, shelf and biological pumps. They also plays host to a diverse array of observing systems including Ship of Opportunity based pCO2 systems, hydrographic sections, moored arrays, sediment traps, atmospheric samplers and Argo floats.

Tantalising hints are emerging from many of these systems that there are significant changes occurring in both circulation and biogeochemistry.


This one day symposium is designed to bring together these novel observations into order to allow us to form a new view on how the carbon cycle in this critical part of the globe is operating and changing.


We welcome contributions from models, data, satellites and theory, in particular ones which span methodologies or which synthesise together diverse datastreams. We welcome all interested researchers to this event.

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This event will be followed by an Industry Science Networking Reception, which we would welcome your attendance at. To register for this event, please click here.