Annual UK Sea Ice Group Meeting,

Annual UK Sea Ice Group Meeting, NOC Southampton  

20 & 21 September 2018

13:00 - 17:00 on day 1, and 08:00 -14:00 on day 2



Local Organiser Dr Yevgeny Aksenov

Sea ice plays a key role in the Global Climate Systems. As a natural phenomenon sea ice affects polar oceans, atmosphere and ecosystems and has a substantial impact on industries and societies far beyond the polar areas. Recent issues of interest stem from continuing changes in the Arctic sea ice and include accessibility of the Polar Seas for transportation and tourism and safety and environmental security of off-shore operations and off-shore and coastal structures. Pollution  is the other side of the increasing industrial activities in the polar oceans. Contamination of the seas by oil pollutants and plastic waste is currently much in the public eye and in the action agendas of various governments and regulatory bodies with the growing number of request to the environmental scientific community for information and recommendations for  available and new solutions.

The sea ice research community in the UK has grown over the last few decades and has become a recognised contributor to cryospheric research worldwide. The community holds a significant pool of knowledge, observational experience, theoretical insight and talented young scientists.

The UK Sea Ice Group has met annually since 2003 to discuss different aspects of sea ice research in the UK, with venues rotating between different UK marine research centres and universities. The meetings receive support from the UK Challenger Society and logistical support from hosting research institutions. This year the UK Sea Ice Group will take place at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton. The meeting will be held on the 20 and 21 September as a two half-day workshop. It will start after lunch on the 20th September and conclude the morning of the following day until lunch

We cordially invite you all to attend the event. If you work in remote sensing of sea ice and ice covered-areas, or perform laboratory and field experiments, or are a sea ice modeller, interested in the range of models, from theoretical idealised models up to full climate models, this is a meeting for you!

The meeting is informal, with time allocated for questions, comments and discussions. The scope of the presentations is broad and covers sea ice biology, chemistry, physics and dynamics and from local and regional variability to global climate and future projections of the sea ice, atmosphere and ocean.


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