The ACSIS Summer Science Meeting 2020

The North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study 


ACSIS Summer Science Meeting 2020 

21-22 September 2020 Hosted by the National Oceanography Centre Virtually on Zoom 


Invited speakers confirmed


Doug Smith (Met Office, UK), Susan Lozier (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA),

Ming-Xi Yang (PML, UK) Michel Tsamados (UCL, UK)






The ACSIS Summer Science Meeting is a great opportunity for ACSIS scientists to showcase and discuss all aspects of ACSIS related science, as well as to deepen cross-programme collaboration.


The meeting will be conducted virtually on Zoom and the programme will include science talks, posters and breakout discussions on all aspects of the ACSIS Programme including all three science themes: Atmosphere and Climate; Atmospheric Composition; and Oceans and Cryosphere. Meeting hours will be 0930-1630 on both days.


Final details on how to prepare and present posters will be given after the registration deadline, however as a general guide, they will consist of either a traditional, one page pdf poster and/or 3-5 slides of additional material. There will be an opportunity for interactive text-based discussion as well as timeslots for interactive video/audio discussion.


The organising team invites registrations for the meeting and submissions for oral or poster science presentations. The deadline for registration and abstract submission is 7 July.  The 2020 Summer Science Meeting is primarily intended for members of the ACSIS research community, or those closely associated with it, but is potentially open to other interested parties. Please address any enquires to Dr Bablu Sinha click here  to email.


Registration to attend 

Registration for this meeting is now closed.




Further information of the project is available at  


The National Oceanography Centre 

European Way, Southampton 

Hampshire SO14 3ZH