The ACSIS Summer Science Meeting 2020

The North Atlantic Climate System Integrated Study 


ACSIS Summer Science Meeting 2020 

21-23 September 2020 Hosted by the National Oceanography Centre Virtually on Zoom 


Major changes are occurring across the North Atlantic Climate System: in ocean and atmosphere temperatures and circulation, in sea ice thickness and extent, and in key atmospheric constituents such as ozone, methane and aerosols. Many changes observed in recent decades are unprecedented in instrumental records. Changes in the NA directly affect the UK’s climate, weather and air quality, with major economic impacts on agriculture, fisheries, water, energy, transport and health. The North Atlantic also has global importance, since changes here drive changes in climate, hazardous weather and air quality further afield, such as in North America, Africa and Asia.


In ACSIS we are working to understand: How the system is changing - how are observed trends in different variables related? Why the system is changing - what are the key drivers and how do they interact? What changes should we expect in future - will recent trends be sustained, accelerate or slow, or might they reverse, temporarily or permanently?


The ACSIS Summer Science Meeting 2020 will take place 21-23 September 2020 at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. The programme will involve science talks, posters and discussions on all aspects of the ACSIS Programme including all three science themes: Atmosphere and Climate, Atmospheric Composition, and Oceans and Cryosphere on Monday 21st (provisional start time is 11am) and Tuesday 22nd (all day). The organising team invite registrations for the meeting and submissions for science presentations oral or poster science presentations. The 2020 Summer Science Meeting is primarily intended for members of the ACSIS research community, but it is potentially open to other interested parties please address enquires to Dr Bablu Sinha click here  to email.


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